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Tweed Deluxe 5E3

Up for sale is a head version of Tweed Deluxe 5E3 Clone.  It is a head version of the original 5E3 combo.  This amp is NEW and has only been played a handful times for testing purposes.  It has never been gigged.  It has never left the workshop.
Below are some of the features of this hand crafted amplifier:
  • Premium NOS (New Old Stock) rectifier, power and preamp (V1) tubes.  The power tubes are NOS Ratheon JAN-CRP-6V6GT/G and the first preamp tube is a NOS RCA 12AY7.  These are good tubes and can fetch a fair price if sold seperately.
  • The transformers are Weber trannies.  Both are over rated for there purpose.  The output transformer is rated for 40 watts and sounds great w/ a very tight bottom end.  These tranformers hardly even know the amp is there.  Rest assured, they are going to last a long time.
  • All of the internal components are top of the line quality.  The Spargue Atom filter capacitors, 2 watt metal film plate resistors and Sozo coupling capacitors provide the purest of tone.
  • The components are mounted on a heavy duty Garolite turret board which is handwired to the tube sockets and panel mount components via teflon coated silver plated wire.
  • The panel controls include Carling switches and Cliff phone jacks.
  • The amp is enclosed in a head cabinet, which allows the use of a variety of speaker cabinets.  It also make transportation easier since two seperate pieces (head and speaker cab) are lighter than one (combo cab).
  • The head cabinet is hand crafted using finger jointery.  It's covered in authentic Fender Tweed fabric and aged to look 30 years old.  The front and back of the cabinet are vented and covered with authentic Fender oxblood grill cloth.


$650 (plus shipping and handling)


For sale only to continental U.S. bidders. 


Please submit any offers to: