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SuperLite PCB

Great news!  The new SuperLite boards are ready.  It took a few months, but they are good to go.

Check out the SuperLite page for more of the details about the changes we've made.

18 Watt LiteIIb "Baby Will"

Version 2.3 is here.

Things just keep getting better.  Even more improvements went into this board.  We've made this circuit more versatile by adding more clean headroom and cleaned up the noise floor.

Tweed Deluxe PCB

We decided not to produce and market a 5E3 circuit board.  Instead, I opened up the design of this board to the public domain.  Many of the forum members at have organized a group buy.  If you're interested, check out this discussion thread and sign up for a couple boards.

Future Projects

I've been toying around with a PCB layout for an 18-22 watt version of the Marshall JCM800.  This will be similar to Mark Huss' Plexi6V6 design, but the preamp will be modeled after the JCM800, which has a lot more gain.  Stay tuned...

If you have any suggestions or requests for a PCB version of your favorite tube amp circuit, send us an email @:

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Terry Stinger (Z_Stingray)