The Superlite II is back in stock!

The SuperLite II is another variant of the Marshall 1974x. It's the "other channel" from the Baby Will. The SuperLite is equipped with a full Treble, Middle, Bass tone stack along with a pre-amp Gain control and a Master Volume control. It's a one channel circuit with one input. It's fairly simple, but it produces an amazing range of tones. The quality of these boards is superb. With the construction features listed below, this board will take plenty of abuse and is sure to stand the test of time.

  • 1/8" thick board material instead of the usual 1/16"
  • double sided copper layers
  • 2 oz. copper layers
  • full board ground plane
  • plated through holes
  • ventilated socket mounts
  • detailed artwork indicating component number and value
  • RoHS compliant

The boards have a red mask with white silkscreen layer for the component labeling and artwork. Refer to the SuperLite II PCB support page for the Build Instructions and all of the supporting documentation.

Customer Videos:


Please note: The Superlite II PCB was originally intended to be a drop-in replacement PCB in a Valve Junior chassis. Unfortunately, the PCB layout just did not work for the existing PCB and vacuum tube mounting holes in the VJ chassis. As a result, the SuperLite II is not directly compatible with the Valve Junior chassis and requires additional chassis modification. As a result, we no longer support a Valve Junior conversion for this board. Having said that, it can be done if you're happy drilling the extra holes in a VJ chassis.


The Superlite II is back in stock!