Here is the schematic for the current production PCB:


Parts List

Here are the part lists for a complete 18 Watt LiteIIb "Baby Will" amplifier. This includes just about everything you will need to build a Baby Will from scratch. You will need some 600V rated hookup wire and solder. Aside from that, it should be in the list. We created two file formats for you; Excel and PDF. We created PDF versions for those of you that can't open Excel spreadsheets. Although, the spreadsheet contains hyperlinks to make ordering the parts a snap.

Part lists for the current version (v2.3.1) of the "Baby Will":
Scratch Build (Complete amp build)
Epiphone Valve Junior Conversion
Older Versions (v1.1 and v1.3):
Scratch Build (Complete amp build)
Epiphone Valve Junior Conversion

Chassis Layouts

If you are building from scratch, we recommend the Wattkins Universal Chassis or the Wattkins Junior Chassis as these have some pre-drilled pilot holes and are suitable for building a Baby Will.


Drill Plan

Epiphone Valve Junior Conversion

These drill templates are based on the existing holes in the Valve Junior chassis but will work just as easily on a blank chassis.

Baby-Will-Drill-Plan-VJ-v1.pdf (PCB Drill Plan)
Baby-Will-Faceplate-Drill-VJ-VVR.pdf (Front Panel Drill Plan with Faceplate layout)


Scratch Build

Baby-Will-Faceplate-Scratch.pdf (Several layouts of both front & rear faceplates)

Epiphone Valve Junior Conversion

Baby-Will-Faceplate-VJ.pdf (Volume/Tone)
Baby-Will-Faceplate-VJ-VVR.pdf (Volume/Tone with VVR)

Build Manual

We've created what we think is a very comprehensive build manual for the Baby Will Valve Junior Conversion. It's written so a novice builder can work through the project with detailed instructions and supporting illustrations every step of the way. It contains over seventy (70) pictures and illustrations. We hope you find it useful.

Build Manual for the current version (v2.3) of the Baby Will LiteIIb circuit board:
Baby-Will-LiteIIb-2.3.1-VJ-Build-Manual-v4.pdf (2.8MB)
Older Versions (v1.1 and v1.3):
High resolution images (this is a very large file):
Baby-Will-VJ-Conversion-Build-Manual-v3.pdf (10.3MB)
Low resolution images:
Baby-Will-VJ-Conversion-Build-Manual-v3-Small.pdf (3MB)

Discussion Forum

The official online discussion forum for the Baby Will PCB is hosted by Wattkins Amp Forums on


You can buy the Baby Will PCB here.